Z Services Secure Email
Gateway Cloud

Z Services Secure Email Gateway Cloud Powered by Proofpoint provides a cloud-based enterprise-class security for small and medium enterprises across the MENA region with offerings that include email security, continuity, archiving, and social-media protection.

Z Services leverages Proofpoint’s Essentials security controls to protect small businesses from the same advanced attacks that target large organizations with less management overhead, all through a single interface


Privacy Controls
Advanced Threat Protection
By Location
For all users, including mobile users
Data Loss Prevention
For all users, including mobile users
For all users, including mobile users

Z Services Secure Email Gateway cloud-based platform powered by Proofpoint gives you the ultimate control and flexibility. You have no hardware or software to install; updates are automatic. By filtering mail before it even reaches your network, it frees up administrative time, bandwidth, the drudgery of end-user filtering, and even disk space on servers. Our solution provides unmatched technology without the management and deployment headaches. Administrators simply login to the online console and manage all users and account settings from a single, secure platform.
You get:

Accurate email classification

Content control for social-media accounts

Robust filter rules engine

Per-user controls and quarantine access

Z Services Secure Email Gateway cloud powered by Proofpoint provides email continuity to ensure that your critical email gets through at all times, even during a partial network failure.
We provide:

24x7 Emergency Inbox to provide users email access when the normal mail environment is unavailable

Instant Replay sends (or resends) messages to your messaging server for 30 days

Email spooling and failover

Z Services Secure Email Gateway Powered by Proofpoint helps you manage your data, and maintain easy access for discovery purposes. And it does this while reducing costs and freeing you from storage limits. With Our Email Archive you can:

Import historical email

Automatically preserve all emails and attachments

Allow users to search their own archived email and forward emails to their mailbox

Perform complex searches across the entire archive

Export for search results

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