Mobile Security

“How do we secure mobile and BYO devices the same way we do PCs?”

Get insight into mobile traffic, usage, and security and privacy threats. Instantly.

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Platform, OS, and connection may differ. But Zscaler security and control remain the same.

To Zscaler, mobile devices are just another endpoint—our traffic inspection remains exactly the same. Zscaler sits in the cloud between all your users—regardless of endpoint or connection type—seamlessly scanning every byte of inbound and outbound traffic to ensure that any malicious content or attacks targeted to mobile devices don’t lead to security blind spots. We even handle SSL inspection—the same way we do for PCs. Zscaler interacts smoothly with existing MDM vendor solutions. We extend your security capabilities to cover mobile apps, including mobile app fingerprinting, app store access control, and blocking of malicious apps. Like all Zscaler policies, you can deploy mobile protection in minutes.

  • Forward all mobile browser and app traffic to the Zscaler security cloud.
  • Simplify traffic forwarding with a lightweight endpoint app that establishes an HTTPS tunnel between the endpoint and the Zscaler cloud.
  • Zscaler mobile security is compatible with all types of networks and platforms; we can also provide an on-demand IPsec tunnel for iOS devices.
  • A wide variety of authentication schemes ensure that we get full user context for each device, and can provide the appropriate controls to each data packet.
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Mobile security is more than MDM

The proliferation of mobile and BYO devices, connecting via 3G/4G/LTE and Wi-Fi, has been a network security concern for years. Users can instantly download unvetted apps from the cloud, opening you to a variety of brand new threat vectors. The issue puts IT in the awkward position of balancing personal privacy with corporate security across platforms that you not only don’t own, but may not even be aware of. And to make matters worse, these platforms change constantly, opening vulnerabilities that you may be completely unaware of. Every time mobile devices connect to the Internet, they may be exfiltrating data, connecting to a botnet, or downloading malware from the cloud along with what they think they are getting. The solutions to this problem are limited. You can count on Mobile Device Management such as Airwatch or MobileIron, which offer basic security such as the allowed applications. But the issue remains that mobile apps are sophisticated, and require scanning of inbound and outbound traffic. You can try to VPN all traffic back to your data center firewall, but good luck trying that with a phone on a 3G connection…and what if the content is encrypted? Or you can just get Zscaler.

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Enable cellular quota enforcement and get advanced alerting and notifications

Restrict access to non-business–critical mobile apps when Android users are on cellular networks

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With Zscaler’s Mobile Security solution you can:

  • Extend the same protection to your mobile devices that you do for your PCs, including the same policies and full inbound and outbound traffic inspection—even SSL.
  • Ensure consistent enforcement of security policies across all users and devices.
  • Zscaler mobile security is compatible with all types of networks and platforms; we can also provide an on-demand IPsec tunnel for iOS devices.
  • Enable the power of cloud applications and mobile without worry.
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All security engines fire with each content scan
– only microsecond delay


50:1 compression, real time global log consolidation


Each outbound/inboud byte scanned, native SSL scanning


Polices follow the user for same on-premise, off-premise protection


Risk of each object computed inline, dynamically
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