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Today’s service providers are going well beyond basic Internet service to deliver a variety of managed security services for enterprise, small to medium and SOHO customers. However, as more businesses embrace the trends of mobility and BYOD, cloud applications and social media, protecting static resources is no longer enough. Corporate firewalls were not designed to protect the growing number of mobile users and distributed branch offices that are the new normal in today’s enterprise IT environments.

Z Services’s Direct-to-Cloud Network offers service providers a better solution. With Z Services, service providers can differentiate their services by delivering the industry’s most advanced security, while enabling their enterprise, small to medium and SOHO clients for the challenges of mobile security, cloud applications and social media. Because Z Services requires no hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain, there is no CapEx investment in appliances or any ongoing investment to manage the cloud security services.


Z Services’s white label offers service providers a ready to go cloud security infrastructure, giving the provider the ability to offer a full suite of security services, with full control of policy administration and reporting, including:
Cloud Web Security
protect enterprise, small to medium and SOHO users from advanced and emerging threats including botnets, malware, phishing attacks and more, and securely enable cloud applications and social media.
Cloud-enabled Networking
secure branch offices and road warriors without backhauling traffic to a central gateway, and deliver a transparent, latency-free experience to users.
Cloud Mobile Security
go beyond mobile device management and enable enterprise clients for BYOD with Mobile Security that offers comprehensive protection for smartphones and tablets, with no software to install or update.
Cloud Email Security
offers critical defense to protect against advanced threats and data loss including Spear-phishing, Targeted Threats protection, Span and multi laters malware protection, secure messaging and encryption, Data leak prevention, Archiving and Continuity.
Cloud Residential Parental Control
Protect home and family internet from threats and dangers on the Internet with easy to use multi language Parents control user interface customized for the Middle East family culture with no hardware or software required.
Cloud Web Application Security Testing
offers Software-as-a-Service platform for web application security testing, no matter how many websites, the service enables customers to find and fix websites and web applications vulnerabilities before the bad guys can exploit them.


Gets providers out of the systems integration business
with Z Services, service providers can focus on delivering advanced cloud security services, and eliminate the time and costs of integrating different vendor solutions.
Reduce CapEx
with no hardware or software to purchase, Z Services’s cloud security solution and services offers service providers a distinct advantage over traditional security appliances.
Reduce ongoing management cost
Z Services’s cloud security solution is always up to date, and eliminates the cost and hassles of maintaining and upgrading hardware and software based solutions.
Lower TCO
Z Services offers lower cost of ownership, providing better margins for service providers on managed security services.
Unified Policy Console
You already provide clients with security services for laptops, but what about their smartphones and tablets? Z Services’s unified policy console makes it easy to define a single, consistent policy across multiple devices and applications.
Advanced Security Analytics
Our patented NanoLog™ technology uses advanced compression techniques to provide consolidated reporting and analysis across devices, locations and users in real time.
One Secure Solution for Web and Mobile
The cost and complexities of purchasing and managing multiple point security appliances can quickly eat into the profits of your managed service offerings. With Z Services, you can replace multiple point products with a single, seamless solution that integrates cloud web security and cloud mobile security, with no hardware or software required.
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